Snam Rete Gas with Legambiente for "Puliamo il Mondo" [Clean Up the World] 2006

legambienteThis year Snam Rete Gas is again supporting Puliamo il Mondo. From 22 to 24 September 2006 over 700,000 volunteers in around 1800 municipalities will clean up thousands of areas including town squares, woods, roads, river banks and beaches. Particular attention will be given over to the theme of energy saving, in order to educate people about environmentally-sustainable lifestyles.

Puliamo il Mondo is the Italian version of Clean Up the World, the most popular environmental campaign in the world with more than 35 million people taking part in 121 countries. Since 1993 it has been run in Italy by Legambiente, with help from many associations, committees and city councils.

Puliamo il Mondo is all about the wish of the people to regain possession of natural areas, take care of them, and bring people together to protect public spaces.

New philosophy of communication: from eco-commando to waste

This year, the "Puliamo il Mondo" project is abandoning the image of the eco-commando that has accompanied the initiative for two years, involving young and old alike in a concerted operation of environmental cleanup, and will concentrate instead on "The Spoils of the Eco-commando": waste.

Focusing attention on waste enables Legambiente to communicate the importance of reuse, methods of disposal and recycling through differentiated collection, and to remind people that abandoned waste not only leads to the degradation of our communities but is a sign of incivility. In addition to cleaning up, we also need to learn not to pollute in the first place.


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