Camisano - Zimella: the record natural gas pipeline

Camisano - Zimella: the record natural gas pipeline

The record "Camisano Vicentino - Zimella" natural gas pipeline has been in operation since October.

A very important work in the Italian natural gas transportation system, it is part of the infrastructures under construction to increase imports from Russia and covers more than 42 kilometres in the area between Vicenza and Verona.

The pipeline boasts record features, starting from its dimensions: with a nominal diameter of 56 inches, i.e. 1,400 mm, this pipeline is the largest currently in use in Western Europe, in terms of diameter.

The pipeline is remarkable not only for its dimensions, but also for the methods adopted in its construction. In fact, completely advanced techniques were adopted for excavating and laying the pipeline, necessary because the route crosses a flat area where the water table is very close to the surface.

During the construction phase, temporary impact on the environment was minimised by the use of 16 micro-tunnels. A series of excavations was made using special techniques allowing a limited amount of earth to be removed. This therefore also limited the work required to return the soil to its original condition where the pipeline crosses infrastructures such as roads and canals.

Another peculiar feature of the pipeline is the fact that it is also completely buried under at least 1.5 meters of earth. This means that all agricultural activities can be carried out as before, including the replanting of trees.

Work is already underway to restore the morphology and vegetation of the area so that its environment can rapidly return to normal.

In particular, the banks of rivers and canals will be replanted with plant species that are suitable for wet environments. The rows of trees and hedges, typical of rural scenery, will be re-established by planting native plants and bushes. Projects will also be implemented to mitigate the visual and environmental impact of the pipeline by planting trees and bushes, giving preference to berry-producing species since they also sustain bird life.

The construction of the record pipeline uncovered some archaeological sites


The works to lay the Camisano - Zimella pipeline brought to light some important archaeological finds.

Fifteen sites were unearthed, between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, covering a chronological period between the end of the Bronze Age /2500-2200 B.C.) and the Renaissance (16th century A.D.).

The findings include pottery shards, domestic objects and tombs. Working closely with the Monuments and Fine Arts Department, Snam Rete Gas took great care in preserving the objects they uncovered. In fact, for each site, an inspection was performed, followed by cataloguing and finally, covering over, under the supervision of the Archaeology Departments of Padua and Verona.

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