Snam Rete Gas attends the National Conference on Natural Gas

conferenzaThe National Conference on Natural Gas will be held on 14-15 June in Genoa and will tackle issues for the industry, such as safety, measurement, quality of gas, the network, managing demand, network code, reliability of service and gas supplies.

Snam Rete Gas will attend the Conference showing "Lo sviluppo delle infrastrutture di trasporto in Italia". Snam Rete Gas will invest € 4.2 billion in the development of the transportation network. The investments envisaged in the new business plan, consistently with our strategy, will ensure growing transportation capacity, in order to support the expected increase in gas demand in Italy, up from 84 billion cubic metres in 2006 to approximately 95 billion cubic meters in 2010 and 115 billion cubic metres in 2020. The implementation of the investment plan, moreover, will enable higher flexibility throughout the transportation system, to the advantage of all the shippers.

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05 August 2016 - 16:35 CEST