Snam Rete Gas teams up with Legambiente for Clean Up The World 2007

legambienteThis year sees the return of Snam Rete Gas’s support for the Clean Up The World campaign. From 28 to 30 September 2007 thousands of squares, roads, woods, riverbanks and beaches were cleaned of litter and refuse. Over 700,000 volunteers in 1,800 towns in Italy took part in the cleanup, raising public awareness and encouraging people to embrace environmentally sustainable lifestyles, and educating them to the idea that, as well as cleaning up, we should also learn to not litter in the first place. Clean Up The World is an opportunity to examine the problems associated with damaging the environment and showing how we can come together to build new solutions for our future.

But this campaign isn’t just an opportunity for young and old volunteers to come together to clean up contaminated areas. Legambiente has worked hard on a great many projects throughout Italy, from creating a monumental park along the city walls of Verona in the north to founding a social centre in the heart of the crime-ridden Mafia stronghold of Archi in Reggio Calabria in the south. Clean Up The World events have been held in locations over 2,000 metres above sea level and even underwater with volunteer scuba divers, and on horseback on the plains of Puglia.

Clean Up The World is the biggest environmental volunteer work event in the world, counting over 35 million volunteers in 121 countries. Since 1993 Legambiente has organised the campaign in Italy – its Italian title is “Puliamo il Mondo�? - in cooperation with local associations, committees and city administrations. And in the fourteen years since its inception, a great many Italian celebrities and prominent figures working for social change have rolled up their sleeves and donned gloves to join the volunteers. Some famous names of note: pop group Elio e le Storie Tese, Caritas advocate and priest Don Virgilio Colmegna, and comedian Enrico Bertolino.

The Clean Up The World philosophy: don’t wait for someone else to do it

It is essential that everyone contribute if we are to live in a cleaner, more beautiful country. Everyone has to do their bit, every day. Even small, daily gestures can help improve both our present and our future. Liberate your area, town square, beach or park from litter and refuse. Your contribution is essential to living in a cleaner, more beautiful Italy.

The future of our cities and of our planet depends on how much we can reduce our footprint on the Earth. We can change our ways: each and every one of us can make a difference every day, against air pollution and water pollution, against energy waste, against the impoverishment of nature, against a rising tide of litter and refuse. Let’s begin by sorting our refuse for recycling.

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