Inauguration of the Breno Archaeological Park

On September 29 the Parco del Santuario di Minerva, an important archaeological site in Valle Camonica, Breno in the province of Brescia, will be inaugurated as part of the European Heritage Days. The Archaeological Office of Lombardy began restoring this site, which is located in the area through which the Lovere-Breno methane pipeline passes, in the early 1990s. As on other occasions, close cooperation between Snam Rete Gas and the Office contributed greatly to expanding knowledge about the area.

The work involved digging up and restoring the ancient Flavian sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Minerva and the water cult and then constructing a stable cover for the site and setting up educational trails.

The architectural remains show traces of a transversally constructed building with a portico, pronaos and steps leading to the large courtyard and the frescoed interior halls with their mosaic floors. The statue of the goddess was inside one of these cells, the floor of which was paved with a mosaic of black and white tesserae forming stars and squares and containing various different geometric shapes, or portraying plants such as ivy or animals such as the dolphin, shown among Solomon’s knots. The frescoes on the walls of the cell depict garlands of acanthus and architectural illusions. The sanctuary, which is in a beautiful location on the banks of the Oglio river, clearly illustrates the force with which Roman culture swept through the territory, absorbing the traditions of the local people and transforming them into new, more monumental forms.



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