The Mortara-Alessandria natural gas pipeline

In autumn 2007 work began on the construction of the Mortara-Alessandria methane gas pipeline of 750 mm nominal diameter and 44 km length. This will consent strengthening of the gas transport lines that feed south west Piedmont and Liguria.

The alignment is across flat terrain, mainly paddy fields, through 17 boroughs in the Region of Lombardy (Province of Pavia) and the Region of Piedmont (Province of Alessandria).

Several rivers will be met along the way: the Agogna, the Po and the Tanaro. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) will the used for crossing the Po in particular. This trenchless technology will allow the digging of tunnels without the need for open air excavations. These works represent an important technical achievement especially considering the 30" diameter and 1,335 m length of drilling operations.

Once the methane pipeline has been laid, measures will be taken to restore the surrounding environment. These will include plant setting of autochthonous species which make possible the complete recuperation and resettling of the areas impacted by the project.

Work should be completed by the end of 2008.

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