The Montalbano Elicona-Messina natural gas pipeline

The construction of the Montalbano Elicona-Messina 48"(major diameter 1,200 mm) pipeline began in Sicily in July 2007. This 83 kilometre project will allow the volumes of natural gas imported from North Africa to be increased. 

The entire route will run parallel to the two existing pipelines, through mountainous territory with very little viability and will serve 21 communities throughout the province of Messina. Due to the morphology of the territory the pipeline will pass through, two tunnels of 1,677 metres and 1,372 metres, with diameters of 5.2 metres and 3.7 metres respectively will be built and trenchless technologies will be used.

Once the pipeline is in place, landscaping and environmental rehabilitation work will be carried out as usual, such as the planting of indigenous plants that will in time ensure the reorganization and complete environmental recovery of the area the methane pipeline passes through.

The pipeline is expected to be operative within the end of 2008.

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