Messina Compression station empowerment

According to plan, Snam Rete Gas completed Messina compressor station empowerment started in September 2004. Two 30 MW turbo-compressor units were installed and interconnected to the pre-existing plant. Compressor station total capacity increased from about 85 MW to 145 MW.

This empowerment increased Snam Rete Gas national grid transmission capacity to transport future additional volumes of natural gas imported by shippers from North Africa (Algeria and Libya). Compressed gas flows in a sea-line connecting Messina (Sicily) to Calabria with a maximum pressure of 115 bar.

Messina compression station is only a part of North Africa import infrastructure development. Construction of new pipelines near the existing ones (about 290 km of DN 1200 (48�?) pipes in Sicily, Calabria, Molise and Abruzzo) and empowerment of other compression stations (Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), Gallese (VT), Melizzano (BN), Montesano (SA), Tarsia (CS), Enna) complete the grid improvement. From 2002 and after the completion of the above mentioned facilities, Snam Rete Gas national transmission grid has reached 25 million cubic meters per day (about 8 billion cubic meters per year) of additional import transportation capacity from North Africa.

Coming back to Messina compressor station, remarkable features regard environmental aspects. Horizon pollution is reduced being the new plant three meters below the existing plant level and piping is mainly laid underground. For the first time in Italy 30MW aeroderivative Dry Low Emission turbo-compressor unitis have been installed.

Noteworthy that 5,000 weldings were carried out during construction. Their total length corresponds to a line of about 1 kilometer (~ 45,000 inches). According to Snam Rete Gas compressor station standard, this plant is equipped to guarantee operation even in case of electrical black out. Trained personnel supervise the plant for operation and maintenance during working hours. Technicians are on call all day long.

The plant is completely remote controlled by the dispatching center in S. Donato Milanese. The dispatching center works 24 hours a day to make available requested gas volumes everywhere, ensuring a safe and reliable transportation service.

Messina plant and all Snam Rete Gas compressor stations are certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 14001.

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