"Clean Up The World" has ended with excellent results

The three days dedicated to the event Puliamo il Mondo (Clean Up The World), promoted by Legambiente with support from Snam Rete Gas, have come to an end. As in previous years, the event attracted widespread participation. Over the course of three days, 700,000 volunteers responded to the environmental association’s appeal. This was the fifteenth time that Clean Up The World – the largest volunteer environmental project in the world, launched in Sydney, Australia, in 1989 – has been held in Italy. Volunteers collected all sorts of waste at 4,500 locations in over 1,800 municipalities, cleaning up streets, squares, parks and beaches all over the Italian peninsula.

Snam Rete Gas, in its role as Main Sponsor, was involved in the event for the seventh time, wholly sharing its spirit and objectives. The company is convinced of the importance of heightening public awareness, particularly amongst the new generations, regarding the impact that lifestyle can have on the environment.




Snam Rete Gas has joined forces with Legambiente for the seventh year running in support of Puliamo il Mondo (“Clean up the world�?). Now a tradition for the thousands of volunteers, including many children, who from 26th to 28th September 2008 will be out in force to clean up litter in Italy's town squares, beaches, woods and roads.

Snam Rete Gas is taking part in the project as main sponsor of the event. Snam Rete Gas fully supports the spirit and objective of the initiative: the company understands the importance of raising public awareness and educating the next generation about the impact of lifestyles on the environment. The weekend event organised by Legambiente, the Italian environmental league, is an opportunity to focus attention on the issues of environmental damage and to promote the message that, in addition to cleaning up, we should learn not to litter.

Snam Rete Gas’s participation is in keeping with the company’s attention to conserving the environment, which is an integral part of company policy. Snam Rete Gas is committed to containing energy consumption and emissions into the atmosphere, and protecting nature and biodiversity and adopting high standards of safety and environmental protection.

Puliamo il Mondo is the Italian version of Clean Up the World, the world’s biggest environmental voluntary event: over 35 million people in 121 countries take part every year. Legambiente has organised the event in Italy since 1993, together with associations, committees and civil administrations.

Everyone’s contribution is essential if we are to live in a cleaner, more beautiful Italy. Every one of us must do their part, every day. Even small, everyday habits can help improve our present and our future. Pick up litter in your neighbourhood, town square, beach or park. Your contribution is essential if we are to live in a cleaner, more beautiful Italy.

The future of our cities and of our planet depends on how far we can reduce our footprint on the Earth. We can change. Every day each one of us can make a difference against polluting the air and the water, against wasting energy, against impoverishing nature, and against a world of rubbish. Let’s begin by sorting our waste for differentiated refuse collection.

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