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Located at the heart of the Val Padana, which played a major role in the development of Italian industry and gas, the historic centre of Lodi is now home to the “Lodi printing and art print museum�?. Snam Rete Gas has decided to offer its support to this original museum devoted to the evolution of printing processes over the centuries.Over 150 machines are on show in the museum’s halls, which are located in an old printing works and which extend over an area of 2,000 square metres. The exhibits include cast-iron hand-operated printing presses, very old relics from the 16th century, lithographic stones, and a rare example of an Albion “Columbian�? letter printing press made in England in the mid-19th century. These exhibits make up one of the greatest collections of printing machines and equipment in Europe. Work is currently in progress on a library which, when complete, will contain over 1,500 volumes.



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The museum represents a genuine journey through the print works of yesteryear, a project that Snam Rete Gas, in line with its policy of focusing close attention on the local area and community, was keen to support for its historical and cultural value.This region saw the beginning of the adventure for this gas that Snam Rete Gas today transports with its 31,000+ km network of methane pipelines. 1954 marked the discovery of the Caviaga gas field, close to Lodi. This key discovery acted as a prelude to numerous other activities in Val Padana and marked the introduction of methane in Italy.

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