puliamomondo2010Once again this year (the ninth year running), Snam Rete Gas is by Legambiente’s side in support of the “ Puliamo il Mondo�? (Let’s Clean the World) initiative, concrete evidence of the Company’s commitment to improving the environment in which we all live.

The slogan for this 17th edition is “Puliamo il mondo insieme�? (Let’s clean the world together) and it is being sponsored by the Department of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection, the Board of Education, University and Research, the European Commission Representation in Italy, UPI (Union of Italian Provinces), Federparchi, UNCEM (National Union of Municipalities, Communities and Mountain Associations) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).

As always, the event will be a big celebration, dedicated to the environment and uniting hundreds of thousands of volunteers for an entire weekend who are committed to recovering many areas that have fallen into decay while promoting proper waste disposal and paying closer attention to the land with concrete, long-lasting actions.

“Insieme�? can make the difference, improving both the environment and our lives. Many local administrations, associations and committees will be doing their utmost in this campaign with significant requalification actions but the real stars will, once again, be the individual citizens who will pick-up and manage waste with a sorted waste collection: simple gestures that are effective and cause real change. The commitment of Snam Rete Gas is completely in line with the goal of protecting our environment, an essential part of the company’s policy. In fact, Snam Rete Gas has always been committed to limiting its energy consumption and atmospheric emissions, protecting nature and biodiversity by adopting high environmental safety and protection standards.

Once again this year, Snam Rete Gas is promoting the direct participation of its staff with the distribution of cleaning kits to all employees interested in taking part. Snam Rete Gas will plant one tree (for the Festa dell’Albero organised by Legambiente) for each employee who documents his or her participation with a photograph of the event. All photos taken by Snam employees will be posted on the Company’s intranet site.

Moreover, in order to further strengthen their partnership, San Rete Gas and Legambiente will take to the schools with an educational programme in occasion of Puliamo il Mondo. The first initiatives will involve schools in Messina, Bordolano and Poggio Renatico. These encounters will be the right opportunity to make children more aware of the culture of sustainability and interventions throughout the country. Puliamo il Mondo is the Italian version of Clean Up the World. Inaugurated in Sydney, Australia in 1989, Clean Up the World is the world’s most important environmental volunteer campaign in which hundreds of countries and over 35 million people participate. The initiative was brought to Italy by Legambiente in 1993 and has been present throughout the country ever since, thanks to the efforts of more than 1,500 “environmental volunteer�? groups which organize the initiative on a local level in collaboration with associations, committees and administrations.



DIRECTIONS FOR PROPER USE (some advice on how to organise the perfect Puliamo il Mondo)

BROCHURES FOR VOLUNTEERS (all the reasons why we should “Stop using plastic bags�?)

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