Revegetation work along the Bronte-Montalbano Elicona gas pipeline begins

Revegetation work along the Bronte-Montalbano Elicona gas pipeline begins

The morphological work along the Bronte-Montalbano Elicona gas pipeline was completed in October 2010.

The gas pipeline, 20.14 km in length with a nominal diameter of 1200 mm (48�?), runs through four municipalities: Bronte and Randazzo in the province of Catania, and Floresta and Montalbano Elicona in the province of Messina.

The entire route runs parallel to two existing gas pipelines in mountainous terrain, reaching its highest point of 1607 metres a.s.l at Monte Colla.

The gas pipeline crosses Parco dei Nebrodi, with whom Snam Rete Gas signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2004, for a total of 15 km.

Revegetation began in November with the planting of indigenous species of plants that will assist in the restructuring and the complete environmental restoration of the land crossed by the gas pipeline.

More specifically, approx. 53 hectares of grass is to be planted, whilst approx. 15 hectares have been set aside for reforestation. As regards Parco dei Nebrodi, the project envisages the planting of around 44 hectares of grass and the reforestation of 13 hectares with indigenous plant species.

As well as these activities, as outlined in the environmental compatibility decree, forest replantation activities have already been carried out in woody areas, whose location was established together with the institute that manages the park, with the planting of approx. 16,000 indigenous plants close to the technological corridor comprising existing gas pipelines, covering an area of approx. 15 hectares.

Having completed the revegetation activities, Snam Rete Gas will carry out the traditional “ cultivation�? activities for the 5 years following the planting of seedlings to ensure that the plants successfully take root.

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