Connection to the OLT Regasification Terminal in Livorno

Work is underway on the construction of a connection between the OLT Regasification Terminal (Offshore LNG Toscana) in Livorno and the Snam Rete Gas national gas pipeline. The terminal will be located 13 nautical miles from the Tuscan coast (approximately 24 km).

The DN 800 (32�?) connection will include an:

  • offshore stretch: approximately 28.5 km in length, which will run from the regasifier to the coast near the Arno River spillway canal;
  • onshore stretch: 7.3 km through the Province of Livorno, which will follow the Arno River spillway canal for 5 km and end at the Suese plant where it will connect with the existing Snam Rete Gas network.

In compliance with environmental permit regulations, the laying and refilling of the first 20 km of underwater pipeline was completed in March 2010 using the pipe-laying ship Castoro 7 from the Saipem fleet; the remaining stretch will be laid beginning in October 2010.

The first 5 km of the pipeline will be laid at a depth of at least 6 metres from the base of the Arno River spillway canal, close to the left bank, through a series of six microtunnels that will lead the pipeline from the shore to the end of the industrial area. The pipeline will then run through agricultural land for approximately 2 km until it reaches the existing Snam Rete Gas plant. All of the thrusting stations for the six microtunnels have been completed, and will be completely removed once construction is finished, and the excavation of the first of the six microtunnels planned has been completed (internal diameter 2000 mm, length 1174 m). Work is progressing as planned and should be completed by the end of 2011.

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