Work on the Poggio Renatico - Cremona ND 1200 (48�?) gas pipeline is under way

Snam Rete Gas has started laying the Poggio Renatico – Cremona gas pipeline, which will have a total length of about 150 Km, a nominal diameter of 1,200 mm (48�?) and a working pressure of 75 bars.

It will take the place of the existing, old ND 550 mm (22�?) pipeline in operation since 1959, which runs from Minerbio to Cremona, thus increasing the capacity, flexibility and reliability of gas transport between the East and West of the Po Plain.

The gas pipeline runs through the Regions Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, with one municipality in the Province of Ferrara (Poggio Renatico), 10 municipalities in the Province of Bologna (Galliera, S.Pietro in Casale, S. Giorgio in Piano, Castello d’Argile, Argelato, Sala Bolognese, S. Giovanni in Persiceto, S. Agata Bolognese, Crevalcore and Minerbio), 7 municipalities in the Province of Modena (Nonantola, Bomporto, Modena, Bastiglia, Soliera, Campogaliano and Carpi), 8 municipalities in the Province of Reggio Emilia (S. Martino in Rio, Correggio, Bagnolo in Piano, Cadelbosco di Sopra, Gualtieri, Castelnuovo di Sotto, Poviglio and Brescello), 8 municipalities in the Province of Parma (Sorbolo, Mezzani, Colorno, Sissa, Roccabianca, Zibello, Torrile and Polesine Parmense) and 5 municipalities in the Province of Cremona (Pieve d’Olmi, Stagno Lombardo, Bonemerse, Malagnino and Cremona).

The route of the new gas pipeline runs along many watercourses, such as the rivers Reno, Panaro, Secchia, Taro and Po, which will be crossed with trenchless technology to reduce the environmental impact of the work site to a minimum.

Having laid the pipeline, Snam Rete Gas will proceed to perform their customary morphological and environmental restoration work.

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05 August 2016 - 16:36 CEST