The CEO Carlo Malacarne took part to the round table "Gas: energy to support"

Cursi The CEO of Snam Rete Gas Carlo Malacarne took part in Rome to the round table "Gas: energy to support", promoted by the Tenth Commission for Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Italian Senate. Among high level panelists, the Senator Cesare Cursi, President of the Tenth Commission for Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Italian Senate, and Guido Bortoni, President of Italy's Authority for Power Energy and Gas, along with executives of the most important energy companies operating in Italy.

Mr Malacarne highlighted in his speech the main role gas will play in the long period, alongside with gas infrastructure needed to support its development, in the light of the recent nuclear stop over and the world's growing energy demand, which still will be tied for many years to fossil fuels. Gas growth will be supported by its lower costs, flexibility and environmental compatibility, as well as its ability to be a back-up source to energy-producing facilites fuelled by intermitting renewables.

The main role gas will play in the future also comes from the growing reliance of both Italy and Europe on gas imports, given the constantly lower internal production year after year, the CEO of Snam said. Therefore, more timely investments in strengthening import, transport and storage infrastructures are needed in order to guarantee a better security of supplies and more flexibility to the gas system.

Would these conditions be realized - Mr Malacarne said - a gradual positioning of Italy as European gas hub will be possible, to the benefit of consumers and companies in terms of security, efficiency and reliability of the system, as well as of prices. In this context, Snam and its subsidiaries are ready to meet the challenge by making available its planning skills, technical expertise and financial resources to achieve this goal and make Italy a strategic hub in the European gas market.

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05 August 2016 - 16:36 CEST