Shared-value training: the innovative experience of Snam and the municipality of Crema

Shared-value training: the innovative experience of Snam and the municipality of Crema

Shared-value training Crema, 27 November 2013 – Generating value for the company and at the same time to the area in which it operates, thus providing a substantial, positive contribution to the local community. This way, the cooperation between Snam and the Municipality of Crema has been carried out, targeting the enhancement of six urban areas through the active involvement of the company’s employees and the town citizens, in consistency with the principles of shared value that imprint Snam’s approach to corporate responsibility.


The project was presented today in the presence of the Mayor of Crema Stefania Bonaldi, the Councilor for the Environment Fabio Bergamaschi and the representatives of the Snam group Gloria Gazzano, Snam’s Chief Information Officer, Stefano Cazzaniga, HR Development and Training Manager, and Paolo Bacchetta, CEO of Stogit, the Snam subsidiary operating in the storage of natural gas, which is headquartered in Crema.


The initiative started following Snam’s specific training needs aimed at enhancing corporate culture and combining integration and the unique expertise of the company’s Information Technology unit. To achieve this goal an original team building path was chosen, in line with Snam’s approach to Shared Value, which aims to generate value for both the company and the communities in which it operates, thus improving the relationship between operating activities and social context.


"We are very pleased to be part of a pilot project which has no peers at the national level" - the Mayor of Crema Stefania Bonaldi said. "This enabled Snam to launch a training experience which is absolutely original and innovative to the benefit of the community of Crema, through the re-design of small parks in the heart of our neighborhoods. We are also grateful to Stogit, which will financially sustain the initiative, for which we are also looking for volunteers who wish to make themselves available to support works and subsequently take care of these areas".


The training program involved 60 Snam employees and the community of Crema with the aim to enhance five public green areas and a school yard, in close cooperation with the Municipality of Crema and Stogit, which will provide financial support to the initiative.


The 6 areas are those of via Donati, piazza Ugo la Malfa, via Pagliari, via XI Febbraio and via Vittorio Veneto, as well as the courtyard of the primary school "Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa" in the district of Santa Maria.


Divided into 6 groups of 10 and in close contact with the municipality, Snam people have constantly interacted with the territory, involving citizens with questionnaires and interviews to gather information on the possible needs and requirements, on technical specifications and potential suppliers of goods and services. This original and innovative approach, combined with an on-field experience far from the usual workplace environment, has allowed to enhance interpersonal and managerial skills of each of the participants and improve their relationship with colleagues, suppliers and other internal customers.


The 6 projects envisage works to further make accessible each of the areas - from the initial clean-up actions is to the installation of furniture such as benches and playgrounds for children – and are designed to be carried out and maintained with the support of volunteers, thus promoting the participation of residents and bringing tangible benefits to everyday life of the community of Crema.

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