CSR and responsible finance: the focus of Snam’s new publication for investors

The first issue of CSR Review is now online - this newsletter focuses on insights into Corporate Social Responsibility.


The first issue is online of the new publication Snam has dedicated to issues of Corporate Social Responsibility, an increasingly strategic asset and a tool for competitiveness in business development. CSR Review has a specific focus on the relationship between finance and ethics and offers readers insights on numerous initiatives that companies have in place at national and international levels. 


A specific study is dedicated to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), which, despite being a relatively recent and emergent concept, is becoming increasingly important in investment management.


In the newsletter you will also find references to good CSR practices carried out by Italian companies: a way to discover a very broad and diverse situation, which is destined to play an increasingly strategic role in investment decisions.

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05 August 2016 - 16:36 CEST