First edition of Snam’s Fact Book is now available

The first edition of Snam’s Fact Book is now available online and on paper. The Group’s latest publication, a review of facts, figures and results, is a helpful tool to better comprehend the Company and the natural gas business in which it operates, and is addressed to everyone from operators to investors, journalists and suppliers.

The publication is divided into three sections (“Group Profile”, “Business Focus” and “ Performance”) and presents various information and details about the Company and the business framework, from the evolution of the European gas market to regulation in Italy, the investment plan targets, the international development, Income Statement figures and sustainability. The Group’ s four businesses (transport, storage, urban distribution and regasification) are also presented, with in-depth analysis of performance, investments and future developments.

The figures give an opportunity to examine the Company’s achievements and future plans also in the light of the Italian and European gas system evolution, in the perspective of a transparent dialogue with all stakeholders about results and strategies.

Download The Snam 2015 Fact Book . All Investor Relations’ publications are available at this page.

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05 August 2016 - 16:36 CEST