Snam Rete Gas launches "Chiama prima di scavare" service aimed at promoting safety

Snam Rete Gas has launched “Chiama prima di scavare”, an initiative aimed at raising awareness among farmers, earthmoving operators and workers whose activities may interfere with the gas pipelines that run through the Peninsula.


With the aim of guaranteeing the highest standards of safety, the Company has activated the toll-free number 800 900 010, allowing people to make sure that their activities are compatible with the network of gas pipelines running throughout Italy. Snam Rete Gas’ operators will provide assistance, 24 hours a day, suggesting working modalities to ensure safety.


The project is also aimed at promoting dialogue with local communities and supporting sustainability policies. Snam Rete Gas manages a network of gas pipelines which stretches over 32,000 km and is well integrated with the environment thanks to a careful choice of routes and to the following operations of soil consolidation and restorement of vegetation.


Although gas pipelines are specifically signalized, it is always recommended to inform the Company about excavation activities to ensure everyone’s safety during operations.

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23 December 2015 - 12:26 CET