Snam’s 2016 Suppliers’ Workshop on environment and innovation started today

Milan, 29 November 2016 - CEO Marco Alverà opened today Snam’s 2016 Suppliers’ Workshop entitled “Environment and innovation, a challenge for everybody”, organized in Milan in collaboration with the local Association of Engineers, as an occasion to meet and discuss a wide range of topics about the company’s supply chain.

The meeting, which for the first time saw the participation of Snam’s foreign subsidiaries and their suppliers, is aimed at illustrating Snam’s domestic and international development plans, also in the light of recent developments such as the new organizational structure and the demerger from Italgas, and consolidating quality standards throughout the supply chain in a constant pursuit of excellence in the company’s core business.

The workshop focuses on topics such as environment, innovation, transparency and business ethics. Environment care, in all its forms, and the continuous move towards technological innovation are key values that greatly contribute to the sustainability of the business in which the supply chain plays an important role. Last year, Snam invested approximately 1 billion euro with a nearly 2 billion procurement and entered into 1,400 contracts with round 1,000 companies, 62% of which small and medium-sized.

Round 300 people, on behalf of over 140 companies, participate in today’s workshop, which during the morning hosts various speeches on the main initiatives carried out by Snam towards its supply chain. In the afternoon, specific topics are discussed in more detail, such as the new Procurement Code and its effects on suppliers’ activities, the main technological innovations in the sector, alternative uses for natural gas, Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical indexes.

The workshop also sees the participation of speakers from Transparency International who illustrate the main aspects of cooperation with Snam since 2014, which also led to the adoption of PMI Integrity Kit for Snam’s suppliers last October to enhance the values of honesty, loyalty and responsibility among small and medium-sized enterprises.

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14 December 2016 - 10:33 CET