Snam is Europe’s best company for digital corporate communication

Snam won the 20th edition of Webranking by Comprend Europe, proving to be the best company for digital corporate communication among the 500 largest European companies. Totaling a 93.6 score out of 100, Snam beated all previous records in the history of Webranking, as has been the case in the Italian edition of the survey, which saw Snam take the podium last November in Milan.

The survey evaluated the transparency and consistency of digital contents made available to users emphasizing the importance of a long-term strategy aimed at sharing information and a constant commitment to execution.

Snam’s digital communication, further improving its performance over last year, has been acknowledged for making information immediately available to various stakeholders and for the consistency of contents about the company’ s strategy, corporate identity and targets, as well as crucial topics such as governance, sustainability and the long-term perspective which characterizes its business.

The first place in Webranking Europe rewards Snam’s commitment to engaging with stakeholders in a transparent way, creating relevant and distinctive contents and making them accessible from any device through a dynamic and responsive web infrastructure, integrated with the main social network platforms.

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30 January 2017 - 17:16 CET