Biomethane starts to flow

A new renewable, clean and efficient energy source now flows through Snam’s pipelines.

On Friday 30 June, the first biomethane has been injected in the national pipeline network by Montello SpA, an Italian and European leader in bio-waste recovery and recycle.

Montello biomethane annual production at full capacity is estimated at 32 million standar cubic metres, the equivalent of a quantity of biofuel for about 640 million kilometers traveled by “bio vehicles”.

With a hourly production of 3750 Scm of biomethane, Montello SpA is the unique industrial plant in Italy capable of producing biomethane exclusively from bio-waste treatment.

The new plant, which recovers wet organic waste produced by 6 million of inhabitants (equal to 60% of the whole Lombardy region), does not produce emissions and is the first Italian “Carbon Negative” plant, recovering from generated biogas (composed by nearly 60% of methane and nearly 40% of CO2) 38,000 tons/year of liquid CO2, to be used for technic and alimentary sectors.

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10 July 2017 - 16:05 CEST