Snam Foundation among promoters of “Welfare, che impresa!”

Snam Foundation among promoters of “Welfare, che impresa!”

Snam foundation joins the promoters of “Welfare, che impresa!”, a competition targeted at young social startups and aimed at creating the excellent conditions to foster a welfare society characterized by economic prosperity, social relationships and quality of services.

Participants are asked to present innovative projects focused on community welfare capable of supporting social cohesion, development and networking. Following the joining of Snam Foundation and the high number of requests, the deadline for submitting the applications has been extended to Monday 2nd of October at 12.00.

“Welfare, che Impresa!” is in line with Snam Foundation’s mission, promoting local communities' development, meeting their specific needs and enhancing stakeholders through innovative, effective, and supportive practices. The initiative also focuses on Foundation’s priority areas, such as the protection and care of landscape heritage and environment, and the support and development of cultural activities in all their expressions.

The project is promoted by Italian Accenture Foundation, Bracco Foundation, Snam Foundation and UBI Banca with the scientific contribute of AICCON and Politecnico of Milan – Tiresia and with the technical partnership of the incubators PoliHub (Milan), SocialFare (Turin), Campania NewSteel (Naples).

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