Snam at the Italian Embassy of Washington as best practice for fight against corruption

Italian Business Integrity Day - Snam

Snam is among the Italian examples of transparency who will take part today at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC to explain their experience in fighting against corruption.

This meeting, named “Italian Business Integrity Day”, is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Transparency International Italy and involves some Italian Companies joining the Business Integrity Forum (BIF), promoted by the association with the aim of carrying the values of integrity and transparency in the private sector . The goal is to introduce to an international audience the Italian best practices in the fields of the prevention of unlawful conduct inside companies and of the promotion of a culture of legality within and outside organizations. In addition to the Ambassador Armando Varricchio and to Mario Carlo Ferrario, board member of Transparency International Italy, Edison, Luxottica and Snam (represented by its General Counsel Marco Reggiani) will take part in this event.

Snam’s speech will be focused on the compliance model and on anti-corruption politics of the Company, that are competitive advantages in terms of market presence and economic and employment return, and on reputational analyses: through the subscription to the Code of Ethics and integrity by everyone who intends to provide Snam with goods, activities and services, these analyses enable the identification of potential malfunction indexes. Snam has also highlighted the importance of the partnership with Transparency International with regard to anti-corruption and governance: it’s the only Italian Company included in the Global Corporate Supporters Forum.

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19 December 2017 - 10:02 CET