Snam launches a brand identity restyling

Snam has launched its brand identity restyling, renewing its logo and brand values to project the company towards future challenges, from the construction of infrastructure guaranteeing stable and safe energy supplies to the development of gas as a renewable source.

Our strategic repositioning revolves around one key message – “energy to inspire the world”. It takes place after our 75th anniversary and at the time of an increasingly global market characterized by changes and innovations that are transforming energy and environmental scenarios.

The renewed logo remains intrinsically linked to Snam’s tradition and underlines the sustainable and environmental features of natural gas with the color green. The introduction of lower-case characters gives the brand a more friendly and dynamic tone.

Snam’s brand identity restyling highlights the company’s role in the energy transition and its ability to provide Italy and Europe with its expertise in building infrastructure which supplies natural gas to families, industries and transports, as well as making new services available to sector operators. Snam aims to be increasingly closer to people and communities, keeping up with a changing society which aspires to improve life conditions and lifestyles.

The logo is accompanied by a redesign of Snam’s website, which evolved to offer a "One Company" perspective, integrating content from the operating companies’ websites and becoming a space for information, interaction with clients and dialogue with the company’s multiple stakeholders. The operation also involved Snam's social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), redesigned to become a place for debate and comparison for network users.

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14 March 2018 - 17:27 CET