Tep Energy Solution: agreement with Deloitte on energy efficiency

Tep Energy Solution: agreement with Deloitte on energy efficiency


Tep Energy Solution, Snam's subsidiary in the energy efficiency sector, has reached an agreement with Deloitte aimed at modernizing Italian condominiums using innovative techniques thus benefiting from the assignment of tax credits to reduce costs to the owner. The partnership will target residential buildings that are subject to energy efficiency and safety measures under the ecobonus and seismabonus schemes. Projects will range from the redevelopment of thermal power stations to thermal insulation and upgrades to buildings’ respective seismic design categories.

According to the agreement, Deloitte will certify the tax credit on the redevelopment proposed by Tep. Deloitte will also grant Tep access to its joint platform with Ance, the national association of builders, inaugurated one year ago, that matches supply and demand for credit transfer. This will enable Tep to offer a high quality product, certified externally, to guarantee administrators and property owners. Tep will also benefit from Deloitte's "database" of partner companies to expand its network of condominiums. Deloitte in turn will be able to make use of an expert partner based locally to consolidate its position in the management of tax credits.

Tep, which has been controlled by Snam since May 2018, is one of the largest ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) in Italy, with over 200 clients from leading national and international companies and 950,000 energy efficiency credits. The company’s mission is to make its customers more competitive by reducing energy costs through quantity optimisation.

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17 December 2018 - 17:13 CET