"Welfare, che impresa!": Snam Foundation awards Tripmetoo, a Salerno based startup

"Welfare, che impresa!": Snam Foundation awards Tripmetoo, a Salerno based startup

The award ceremony of the second edition of "Welfare, che impresa!" took place today in Milan. The initiative is a call for ideas targeting young social startups developing innovative projects dedicated to community welfare.

150 ideas were evaluated by a jury composed of Snam Foundation, Accenture Italian Foundation, Bracco Foundation, Golinelli Foundation, Ubi Banca, AICCON, TIRESIA, Polytechnic of Milan, POLIHUB, Social Fare and Campania NewSteel.

Snam Foundation has awarded "Tripmetoo", a startup from Salerno operating in the tourism sector. It features a web booking platform that allows travellers to customize their travel experience on different needs. It also gives an opportunity to operators to enhance their offer including it in the Tripmetoo network.

Snam Foundation was created to provide social communities the Snam's abilities of valuing competencies, building networks and producing social values. Through joining "Welfare, che impresa!" Snam Foundation aims at stimulating entrepreneurship and the pioneering spirit that allows startups to find innovative and sustainable solutions to the complex challenges of society. Through this initiative Snam Foundation intends to be a social innovator and a catalyst for ideas and projects aimed at people and territories, using technology as an element of social and economic inclusion.

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20 January 2018 - 08:54 CET