Renewable energy: the first biomethane supply for cars and trucks in Tuscany

Rifornimento biometano Rapolano - Snam IP

The first supply of cars and trucks in Italy with only biomethane, a renewable gas with zero carbon dioxide emissions took place in Rapolano, in the province of Siena. The supplies were made as part of the opening ceremony of an IP-branded service station created by Snam. The distributor, located at the Siena-Bettolle junction, is currently the only company in Italy that is able to supply vehicles with 100% biomethane, obtained from the organic fraction of urban waste (FORSU).

The "green" fuel was supplied to Piccini Paolo Spa (the owner of the plant) by a company in Padua, the SESA Spa (Estense Environmental Services Company). This fuel, equivalent to about 2,500 kg of biomethane, will allow for the creation of over 150 supplies. In the future, the station could be powered by biomethane plants that will develop in the area. The biomethane, which - in addition to FORSU - can also be obtained from waste from the agricultural and food industries, is the only energy source to have a potentially negative balance of emissions, since its production process also allows for the recovery of CO2 deriving from disposal of waste and use it for the food industry or for other purposes. Being chemically indistinguishable from natural gas, biomethane can be directly introduced into existing infrastructures.

The biomethane sector is rapidly developing. To date, in Italy there are six plants connected to the Snam network, in Lombardy (in Milan, Montello and Sarmato), Calabria (Rende), Emilia-Romagna (Sant'Agata Bolognese) and Lazio (Anzio), with about thirty other producers planning to be connected in the future. According to the estimates of the CIB (Italian Biogas Consortium), our country has a production potential of 8 billion cubic meters per year of biomethane in 2030, a quantity exceeding 10% of the national gas needs.

Using natural and renewable gas for transport combines environmental sustainability with positive economic impact, reducing emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxides, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions and ensuring significant savings for consumers. Italy has the largest number of methane-fueled cars in Europe (around 1 million) and the most developed distribution network (1,300 distributors), which is also expanding thanks to Snam's investments. Rapolano is the sixth distributor created by Snam in Italy. The initiative also involved partnering with SEAT, a car manufacturer that is uniquely focused on promoting sustainable mobility with CNG (compressed natural gas) and biomethan, and has the widest range of CNG models on the market.

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