Snam Foundation amongst the promoters of the “Welfare, che Impresa!” competition for social startups

Snam Foundation is promoting the “Welfare, che Impresa!” competition for social startups also this year, together with the Fondazione Italiana Accenture, the Bracco Foundation, UBI Banca and Fondazione Con il Sud. The aim of the initiative is to contribute to the evolution of the Welfare system by experimenting with new services that are capable of further developing the social sector. Social startups - already established or early stage - will be encouraged to present innovative projects aimed at promoting cohesion, social development and networking.

The competition will award the four best projects in the following areas: social agriculture; enhancement and care of cultural heritage, landscape and environment; personal services; circular economy. The awarded projects must generate social and occupational impact, have a link to technology, create a network in the area, and be scalable, replicable and economically sustainable.

We are very tied to Welfare, che Impresa! – said Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam and Vice Chairman of Snam Foundation – as it is the first project supported by the Snam Foundation since its establishment in 2017. We continue to support the initiative this year because it is of great value and perfectly aligned with our mission, combining innovation, youth and social entrepreneurship. With this and the many other projects we are launching throughout Italy, we want to create new opportunities for social development in the communities in which we operate”.

The scientific contribution of AICCON and the Politecnico di Milano - Tiresia, and the technical partnership of the PoliHub, SocialFare and Campania NewSteel incubators, as well as the Hubble-Acceleration Program and G-Factor, new for 2019, are also confirmed for this year’s event.

Project ideas can be sent until April 18, 2019.
To read the complete announcement: welfarecheimpresa.ideatre60.it.

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27 February 2019 - 18:06 CET