Snam (TEP) and Unicredit: agreement to facilitate the energy requalification of condominiums

Snam, through its subsidiary TEP Energy Solution, and UniCredit have signed an agreement to facilitate the energy redevelopment of residential buildings in Italy, making them more sustainable and safer.

Under the agreement, the bank will provide potential credit facilities to the condominiums on the projects proposed by the ESCo (Energy Service Company) TEP in the field of energy efficiency and anti-seismic improvement. These activities, which include the construction of "thermal coats", the replacement of the fixtures and the redevelopment of the thermal power stations, are part of the "CasaMia" package offered by TEP, which proposes to finance the work through consumption savings and tax credits. Under the agreement, UniCredit will be able to grant unsecured loans of up to 10 years at a fixed or variable rate to the condominiums to fund the works, which will also benefit from the Ecobonus (up to 75% of the amount of the works) and Sismabonus (up to 85%) tax schemes. Thanks to this solution, the condominiums will be able to take advantage of agreed rates for loans, making use of specific products and procedures for the sector.

" Energy efficiency and anti-seismic consolidation measures - commented Cristian Acquistapace, Snam's Senior Vice President Energy Efficiency Development - represent a great opportunity for condominiums, especially in light of the advantages offered by tax credits. Thanks to these solutions it is possible to save up to half of the current energy consumption, improving the comfort of buildings and increasing their value. So far, through TEP, we have offered the "CasaMia" package to over 300 condominiums throughout Italy, supporting customers in identifying the most convenient options and financing formulas."

" The energy and structural redevelopment of buildings - states Remo Taricani, UniCredit's Co-CEO Commercial Banking Italy - is an issue of absolute importance in a country like ours, where in general the majority of apartment buildings and blocks tend to be relatively old. Through agreements with major operators in the sector such as Snam, UniCredit intends to make credit instruments available which, when combined with the tax deductions outlined by recent legislation, will allow all interested parties to carry out relevant work quickly and effectively.

Snam's investments in energy efficiency are part of the "Snamtec" project, launched as part of the company’s 2018-2022 strategic plan and supported by investments of 850 million euros in sustainability, technological innovation and new business lines linked to the energy transition. The company’s activity related to energy efficiency began with the acquisition of TEP in 2018, and is aimed at the residential, real estate and industrial sectors.

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27 April 2019 - 10:05 CEST