Biomethane: the eighth plant connected to the Snam network has opened in Sarmato (Piacenza)

Biometano - Sarmato

The eighth Italian biomethane plant connected to Snam’s national gas transportation network was opened in Sarmato, in the province of Piacenza.

The site, managed by Maserati Energia, a company that composts organic waste, will introduce an additional 5 million cubic meters of biomethane produced from FORSU (organic fraction of solid urban waste) into the network annually.

This additional supply of renewable and zero-emissions gas will be used to power motor vehicles and is equivalent to 180,000 refuelling stops per car over an approximate distance of 54 million kilometres, or 90,000 trips from Rome to Milan per year.

Natural and renewable gas offer some of the best solutions for sustainable mobility. They reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fine-dust pollution, and ensure significant economic savings for consumers, who can rely on the largest distribution network in Europe, which is undergoing further expansion thanks to Snam's efforts.

The inauguration of the Maserati Energia plant was held in Sarmato, and attended by the mayor, Anna Tanzi, the president of the Italian Biogas Consortium, Piero Gattoni, and the managing director of Maserati Srl, Paolo Maserati. Snam’s Head of Contract, trading and billing, Daniele Capizzi, also attended the event as a speaker.

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09 May 2019 - 17:30 CEST