Dal Fabbro: "Natural gas essential for the energy transition"

"Natural gas will play an increasingly central and strategic role in the energy transition in Italy and Europe, both in supporting the growth of other renewable energy sources, and as a source of renewable energy itself, alongside biomethane and hydrogen."

Snam Chairman, Luca Dal Fabbro said while speaking at the Global Sustainability Forum in Rome, organized by Luiss Business School.

He explained: "Natural gas offers an immediate solution to reduce emissions from electricity generation and transport. According to a recent study conducted by the Gas For Climate consortium, a potential 270 billion cubic meters of biomethane and hydrogen could be produced by 2050, which could generate 217 billion euros in savings compared to an alternative decarbonisation scenario that does not take gas into account.”

“Italy and Europe are well-positioned to use biomethane and hydrogen to transform climate risks into opportunities," added Dal Fabbro. "Italy’s biomethane industry is potentially one the most important in the world, and we have recently introduced a mix of hydrogen and natural gas into the national transport network, the first of its kind in Europe. Snam is focused on leveraging innovative technology to become a global leader in these areas”.

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23 May 2019 - 15:09 CEST