CDP Group, Fincantieri, Italgas, Snam and Terna sign a protocol for the development of the City of Naples

protocol for the development of the City of Naples

Naples, 13 March 2019 - The Cassa depositi e prestiti Group and its subsidiaries Fincantieri, Italgas, Snam and Terna signed a memorandum of understanding with the Municipality of Naples and the Central Tyrrhenian Sea Port System Authority (ADSP) which outlines a collective action plan for the development of the city and the metropolitan area of ​​Naples.

With today’s signature, the companies of the Group are committed to supporting institutions and production through the following activities: financial support to the Municipality; support for infrastructure and its development; real estate development; business support.

In particular:

Financial support to the Municipality

CDP will assess any request to renegotiate loans granted in favor of the Municipality of Naples, in order to quickly free up financial resources to be allocated for the early repayment of derivative contracts and investments to support the territory.

Infrastructure support

CDP and the other companies involved in the agreement will share their resources and expertise with the Municipality and Port Authority to support the development of infrastructure, including:

  • technical expertise and ability to plan infrastructure works;
  • loans to private parties for the execution of public interest works;
  • assistance and consulting services in the implementation of infrastructure works.

These areas of focus include: developing infrastructure to support sustainable mobility with natural gas and biomethane; the development of port areas, assessing infrastructure to reduce polluting emissions in the port area and enhance naval-mechanical infrastructures under concession in the Castellammare di Stabia area; connection networks, to improve the quality of gas distribution and electricity transmission services; and the energy transition, evaluating the construction of infrastructure aimed at energy requalification and recovery in urban areas.

Real Estate

CDP Immobiliare will provide support to the Municipality of Naples to enhance the real estate assets of the Municipality and launch urban regeneration programs.

In this regard, CDP Immobiliare is committed to supporting the redevelopment project of the former tobacco factory (“ex Manifattura Tabacchi”) in via Galileo Ferraris with initial investments of approximately 60 million euro. The valorisation project - which aims to provide a new urban environment in the eastern area of ​​Naples - includes important urbanization works for the City as well as the construction of a Carabinieri barracks, which will provide increased public safety to the area. As part of the “Manifattura Tabacchi” site, CDP Immobiliare will also look to construct a building focused on promoting personal  development, which will include an “Academy” aimed at providing professional skills and training, in collaboration with companies owned by the CDP Group.

CDP Immobiliare, the Municipality of Naples and the ADSP will also work together to prepare project proposals for the following sites:

  • monumental complex “Albergo dei Poveri”;
  • “Parco delle Terme di Agnano” historical thermal complex;
  • “ex Magazzini Generali”.

Business Support

In order to support entrepreneurism and encourage access to credit, CDP has agreed to evaluate the portfolio activation of guarantee instruments for SMEs and to promote alternative financing channels through securitization transactions, backed by guarantees to apply to national and EU resources.


To strengthen this support to entrepreneurs and cement collaboration with local institutions, CDP has also committed to further strengthen its current headquarters in the city of Naples.

This agreement constitutes a significant step in support of the city of Naples by the CDP Group and following similar agreements in the City of Genoa started last November, further strenghtens the commitment envisaged by the Industrial Plan to promote economic and social development, based on the specific needs of the local communities.

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