Snam: “CNG Day” in San Donato Milanese to promote natural gas for cars


Launch of new natural gas distributor for employees and hosted the Italian stage of the Blue Corridor "sustainable rally"


Today, in San Donato Milanese, Snam hosted a day dedicated to methane’s role in sustainable mobility in Italy and Europe. At the “CNG Day” organized at its headquarters, Snam launched a new methane distributor for company vehicles and for private vehicles belonging to employees, and hosted the Italian stage of the Blue Corridor, a sustainable CNG (compressed natural gas) rally which takes place on European roads.

During the morning, which opened with the arrival of the Blue Corridor cars and a welcome from Snam4Mobility’s Senior Vice President, Andrea Ricci,  a round table took place with members of the supply chain and representatives from various institutions. Discussions focused on the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas for light and heavy transport, and the leading role that Italy can play in promoting its use in Europe.

The occasion saw the official launch of Snam’s new CNG distributor, which will be used to refuel both company and employee vehicles. The charging station, built by Cubogas, a subsidiary of Snam4Mobility, is the second to be installed on Snam’s premises, with another already in operation in Rome. In the coming months, 13 further plants in various company sites in Italy. Recently, Snam has renewed its fleet with a focus on methane and assigning FCA and SEAT tenders with a total value of over 30 million euros to supply of eco vehicles, which will replace most of the models that are currently in service.

“We are convinced that natural gas for transport (cars, trucks and buses, ships, trains) offers the most immediate solution to address the problem of air quality in cities, while renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen will play a key role in the medium to long term. We are working to expand the distribution network throughout Italy, and now we have done the same in the company itself,” said Snam’s CEO, Marco Alverà, at the launch of the new distributor.

In methane-based sustainable mobility, Italy is the first country in Europe to have 1 million vehicles in circulation and around 1,350 service stations. Snam is committed to strengthening Italy’ s natural gas distribution network: At the moment, Snam4Mobility has delivered 7 plants and has contracted a further 70 under a plan that provides for the construction of around 300 new CNG and LNG stations in the coming years. Snam is planning to invest 200 million euros in methane distributors for transport and biomethane infrastructure, outlined in the strategic plan to 2022. This forms part of the Snamtec project, which is focused on innovation and energy transition.

The Blue Corridor rally, organized by Gazprom and Uniper, runs over 12,000 km from Turkey to Germany, passing through Italy, Belgium, Austria and other European countries. Compared to petrol and diesel, natural gas reduces particulate emissions and nitrogen oxides, and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions, while also ensuring significant economic savings for consumers.

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05 September 2019 - 17:11 CEST