Snam: “Green Village” at Ecomondo with Snamtec businesses


Sustainable mobility, biomethane and energy efficiency presented at the Rimini fair

Snam is one of the stars of Ecomondo, a technological innovation and sustainable development fair in Rimini, which starts today and ends on Friday. At the event, the company, which is led by CEO Marco Alverà, will present its new energy transition business as part of the Snamtec project, which is investing 850 million euros out to 2022: sustainable mobility with natural and renewable gas, the development of biomethane, and energy efficiency for apartment blocks and businesses.

Snam’s “Green Village” will consist of four islands dedicated to Snam4Mobility, the Italian infrastructure operator for methane mobility that is upgrading the national distribution network, to Cubogas, the Piedmont-based company controlled by Snam4Mobility, which works in Italy and abroad to make compressors and solutions for filling stations, to TEP Energy Solution, a company specializing in energy efficient solutions for companies and individuals, and lastly, to Snam’s work in biomethane. Also IES biogas, Snam’s subsidiary and one of the leading Italian companies in plant construction, will be at the event.

Snam will also present the new TEP Energy Solution website at the fair, which is more user friendly and contains new information on energy efficiency solutions for citizens and companies.

During Ecomondo, as part of the States General of the Green Economy, Snam’s Chairman, Luca Dal Fabbro, will speak on a panel dedicated to the Green New Deal and the 2030 climate challenge.

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05 November 2019 - 18:22 CET