Snam launches SnApp and EUnergy, the two new Apps about the world of energy

Snam has developed two new Apps focused on the energy sector, from the challenges of energy efficiency and renewable gas to European scenario data.

The first, SnApp, available for free on the App Store and Play Store, is an easy and intuitive game, aimed at all ages. The game is structured in two modules, with 12 levels each, dedicated to sustainable mobility, biomethane and energy efficiency. In order to access the next level, the user must solve a puzzle. After each level, a training quiz will appear on issues relating to the energy transition.

The first module focuses on the challenge of identifying the best way to collect waste and convert it into renewable energy. The second module looks at aspects of energy upgrading through the creation of a thermal coat to insulate the building, thus guaranteeing energy savings in every climatic condition.

The aim of SnApp, through the mechanics of the game, is to bring users, especially younger ones, closer to themes relating to the energy transition and to Snam’s associated activities. Sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, innovation and renewable gas are in fact the core pillars of the Snamtec project, the Snam initiative that aims to give life to the energy company of the future.

Snam also developed the EUnergy App, which is available free of charge on the App Store and Play Store: a digital showcase to stay up to date on the European energy scene. The App is aimed specifically at policymakers, researchers and scholars but also at all those who are interested in the themes of energy and the environment, and who want to find out more about energy sources as well as the main innovations in the sector.

Through an interactive map, it will be possible to consult the European energy balance with Eurostat data, from the main uses and consumption of individual States to the indicators on emissions and pollution. The App also offers a section dedicated to news on trends relating to the energy transition, from hydrogen to sustainable mobility.

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17 December 2019 - 15:56 CET