Snam: agreement with 4.0 for 3 new natural gas supply stations (CNG and LNG) in Calabria

Snam4Mobility, Snam's subsidiary working in sustainable methane and biomethane mobility, and 4.0, a company that distributes fuel and manages catering services on highways, have signed an agreement to build three new natural gas filling stations for cars and trucks on motorways in Calabria.

Two LNG (liquefied natural gas) plants will be built on the Mediterranean A2 at the Cosenza Ovest station heading towards Reggio Calabria, and at Rosarno Est, heading towards Salerno. These plants will supply heavy transport. A third plant at the Cosenza Est station, also heading towards Salerno, will supply CNG (compressed natural gas) to light vehicles.

These new refueling points, which will be active from 2021, will strengthen the natural gas supply in Calabria, where there are currently 13 CNG distributors in service for around 38,000 cars. They will also bring liquefied gas to the region for the first time, promoting sustainable mobility for heavy transport in the South. The station in Rosarno would be the southernmost LNG distribution station on the Peninsula to date.

The agreement with Snam confirms 4.0's commitment to equip its soon-to-be renovated service stations with cutting-edge technologies and ecological fuels, including LPG, electricity, and both liquid and gaseous methane. Compared with traditional fuels, natural gas reduces emissions of particulates and nitrous oxides, and significantly reduces CO2, whilst also reducing costs. Italy is the European leader in methane mobility. It currently has a million vehicles on the road and around 1,350 service stations.

Snam's agreement with 4.0 is part of company initiatives to facilitate the growth of CNG and LNG distribution networks in Italy, through direct investment and agreements with other operators. At present, Snam4Mobility, which is 100% owned by Snam, has delivered 7 plants. It has a further 70 plants contracted, under a plan that provides for the construction of around 300 new CNG and LNG stations over the coming years.

In its strategic plan to 2022, Snam is planning to invest 200 million euros in the construction of methane distributors for transport and biomethane infrastructures, in line with the Snamtec project’s focus on innovation and energy transition.

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25 October 2019 - 11:21 CEST