Snam introduces corporate policy on diversity and inclusion

Snam introduces corporate policy on diversity and inclusion

Snam has introduced a corporate policy on diversity and inclusion, promoted by the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) board, which aims to spread a culture of equal opportunities among employees and collaborators.

The policy is founded on a welcoming work environment that is free of any kind of discrimination, applying specific policies and metrics through human resources to guarantee fairness in all phases of employment, on training, and on ensuring work-life balance. For Snam, protecting diversity forms part of a cultural transformation that aims to make the company more competitive and innovative, and fosters growth.

Over recent years, Snam's commitment in this field has had a vital impact: In 2018 and in 2017, the number of female employees at Snam has grown at a rate of 6% per year; a trend that was peaked in at the beginning of 2019, when women made up 24% of new hires at the company. Snam's initiative also aims to counter the gender pay gap and has led to an improvement in the pay gap compared to 2017 over hte past year.

Furthermore, during the shareholders' meeting held on October 23, Snam's Board of Directors approved a change to bylaws aimed at making the gender balance permanent on the Board of Directors and on the Board of Statutory Auditors. The objective of this is to preserve the gender balance, even if the Gulf-Moscow law, which ensures that the boards of directors of Italian companies listed on the stock exchange are on-third female, is not renewed.

Another area for improvement concerns education. In this area, the company is collaborating with Valore D, the first partnership between companies that promotes talent and female leadership, and is a partner of InspirinGirls, an international campaign aiming to strengthen young girls’ awareness of their talent by shattering gender stereotypes. This will be strengthened by numerous initiatives aimed at balancing work life and family life, from smart-working to welfare services supporting parenting, such as the "Be Parents" web platform.

The company's commitment to gender diversity was recognized by Thomson Reuters, which included Snam in their "Diversity and Inclusion Index", an index that examines over 7,000 companies worldwide to identify the 100 most inclusive workplaces. With 72 points, Snam came in 35th place globally, making it one of only three Italian companies included in the index. The company also placed in the "Gender Equality Global Ranking", alongside only two other Italian companies.

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25 October 2019 - 10:49 CEST