Snam builds new natural gas service stations in Central Italy for Enerpetroli

Snam and Enerpetroli

First CNG distributor out of 8 planned underway in Artena (Rome)


San Donato Milanese (MI), 2 September 2019 – Snam’s first CNG (compressed natural gas) distributor has opened in Artena (Rome), as part of contracts signed with Enerpetroli, a Viterbo-based company that has worked in fuel distribution in four regions of Central Italy for 30 years, with 130 own-brand and Esso-branded plants.

The contracts were agreed through the subsidiary Snam4Mobility, and provide for the creation of seven other plants between Lazio and Umbria in the coming months, with the intention of boosting natural gas supply for cars in the two regions, where there are currently about one hundred active CNG service stations available. All refuelling points will be managed by Enerpetroli.

The agreements with Enerpetroli were undertaken as part of Snam4Mobility's initiatives to boost the growth of the Italian distribution network of CNG and LNG (liquefied natural gas), through direct investments and agreements with other operators. Italy is currently the European leader in sustainable methane transportation, with 1 million distribution vehicles and around 1,350 service stations. This will increase further as result of Snam's investments. Compared to petrol and diesel, natural gas almost eliminates emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. It also significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions, also ensures economic savings for consumers.

At the moment, Snam4Mobility has delivered 7 plants and has contracted a further 70 under a plan that provides for the construction of around 300 new CNG and LNG stations in the coming years. Snam is planning to invest 200 million euros in methane distributors for transport and biomethane infrastructure, outlined in the strategic plan to 2022. This forms part of the Snamtec project, which is focused on innovation and energy transition.

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02 September 2019 - 15:04 CEST