Snam: on air the new advertising campaign on energy efficiency


Snam is on air with its new advertising campaign. The focus is on CasaMia, the energy efficiency program offered by Snam’s subsidiary TEP Energy Solution to all Italian apartment buildings.

The campaign, which follows from the communication on the energy transition advanced in 2018, involves a video subject that guides the audience through the discovery of CasaMia’s main features. The video opens with the image of a plant, that, once trimmed, is transformed into a green building, a metaphor for more environmentally sustainable cities. The video then moves on to show the program’s offers, highlighting how renovations aimed at ensuring energy-efficiency to apartment buildings favour reduction in consumption, increases in real estate values and, at the same time, the abatement of CO 2 emissions. These renovations also give access to significant economic incentives like Italian Ecobonus and Sismabonus.

The campaign, of which the claim is “The Future Is All Around Us”, will be displayed on the main national newspapers’ web portals, on Milan and Rome’s underground metro TVs, on dynamic billboards in areas of significant pedestrian flows in Milan and, starting from December, on Milanese tramways. The campaign will also be projected on all Snam’s social channels.

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20 November 2019 - 18:01 CET