Snam: 700 volunteers support 90 Italian non-profit organizations

A "Volunteering Day" organized by the company and the Snam Foundation is underway, involving employees, relatives and friends throughout the country

Volunteering Day

Snam’s second “Volunteering Day” is underway. As part of the initiative, from 14th to 24th October, Snam employees will get involved with charity activities for a day. Volunteers will help around 90 non-profit communities and institutions chosen by the Snam Foundation across more than 60 Italian municipalities, from Milan to Rome, and from Trento to Misterbianco.

This year, volunteering activities have been extended to two weeks, and now involve friends and relatives of employees, as well as some suppliers. A total of 700 people have joined the initiative compared with 300 who took part last time. Snam’s volunteers have chosen what they will do as well as choosing which association to work for. Some initiatives will support vulnerable people, such as hospitalized children or people suffering from disorders or addictions, including at the Buzzi hospital in Milan with the Archè Foundation, or at the offices of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, the Exodus Foundation or the Holy Family Foundation.

Snam’s CEO Marco Alverà and Chairman Luca Dal Fabbro also attended the volunteering days.

Many initiatives will focus on the Corvetto neighborhood in Milan, which is near the Snam headquarters in San Donato Milanese, and is where the Snam foundation recently announced its Corvetto Adottami! Urban regeneration program alongside the Qubì and La città programs of the Cariplo Foundation.

On Monday 21 October, at the Tommaso Grossi school, Marco Alverà and some Snam co-workers collaborated with the Snam Foundation’s network of partners to organize and redesign parts of the school and redevelop its outdoor areas. A hackstorm was held in Corvetto, allowing students to join Snam’s volunteers and third party institutions and startups to develop ideas and projects for the "Punto di Comunità" in Piazza Ferrara, the district’s new centre for community and culture.

In Rome on 21 October, the Chairman, Luca Dal Fabbro, worked with a number of colleagues at one home for the elderly, and another for people with health problems and will also help to distribute everyday necessities.

This “Volunteering Day” is part of a program through which the Snam Foundation lets company employees suggest charitable activities to support, or to create new initiatives with social and economic value for the community.

The Snam Foundation was established in 2017 with the aim of contributing to the social, cultural and economic growth of areas affected by Snam's activities or marked by social inequality. The Foundation's activities in these areas are consistent with Snam's commitment to integrate ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors into its strategies. This year, Snam was the first Italian listed company to set up a dedicated to ESG issues within the board of directors.

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