Snam donates a defibrillator to the city of Santhià

Snam has donated a latest-generation semi-automatic defibrillator to the city of Santhià. The lifesaving device will be installed at the middle school gym to protect the safety and health of citizens in a highly frequented place.

Every year in Italy about 60 thousand people die from cardiac arrest. In emergencies, having a defibrillator nearby can increase chances of survival by around 90%.

The defibrillator was delivered on Saturday at the Town Hall in the presence of Mayor Angelo Cappuccio. The initiative confirms the deep bond between Snam and the territory and is part of the "Cuore InForma" project, which will allow the city of Santhià to have three new defibrillators.

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08 July 2019 - 11:58 CEST