"Welfare, che Impresa!": Fondazione Snam awards two startups for social projects

Welfare che impresa

A jury of experts nominated the winners of "Welfare, che Impresa!", the call for startups to present innovative community welfare projects capable of creating networks and generating social and employment impacts.

Fondazione Snam, which promotes the competition together with Fondazione Italiana Accenture, Fondazione Bracco, UBI Banca and Fondazione CON IL SUD, has awarded Play ReCH with a donation of € 20,000 and Taller delle Terre with a contribution of € 5,000. The other winners are Mammacult, Cartiera, Il Convento delle Idee and ReCreo – “rete di rigenerazione rurale”. The awards also include funding and incubation and acceleration routes.

Welfare che impresa

Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam and Vice President of Fondazione Snam, said: “The social commitment of companies and their ability to create connections with the territories in which they operate are crucial factors for the sustainable development of our country. By supporting highly successful initiatives such as Welfare, che Impresa! we want to encourage the birth of new companies and new forms of youth entrepreneurship capable of generating a social impact”.

This year, 250 ideas came from all over Italy, a significant increase compared to the previous editions, confirming a growing interest in new forms of business, increasingly oriented towards projects with a high social impact. Of the 94 ideas eligible for the first phase, 61% come from North and Central Italy, and 39% from Southern regions.

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11 July 2019 - 16:54 CEST