“Con la scuola”: Snam, LUISS Business School and ELIS present the 2020 activity plan and a website dedicated to the project

Con la scuola

The activities planned for the second edition of the project “Con la Scuola” were presented at an event on 18 and 19 February in Rome. The initiative has been designed by Snam and the ELIS Consortium in collaboration with Luiss Business School to strengthen the link between business and schools contributing to the evolution of the world of education.

In addition to the project promoters, the two days of workshops and dedicated round tables were attended by Vice-Minister of Education Anna Ascani and representatives of Confindustria, ANP (National Association of Public Executives and High School Professionals), Indire (National Institute of Documentation Innovation and Educational Research) and Invalsi.

The “Con la Scuola” project is aimed in particular at principals and teachers, providing them with new tools and methodologies to prepare students to face the world of work effectively. During a panel session that explored the concept of the school as a learning organization, Paola Boromei - EVP Human Resources & Organization - recalled the two fundamental guidelines of the project: a focus on the professions of the future and the promotion of an educational model that can impact the social and economic environment in Italy.

At the presentation event, which was attended by about 90 school leaders, deputy principals and teachers, an agreement was also signed between Snam, Confindustria and ANP with the aim of co-designing educational activities and making the most of the partnership between schools and businesses.

On this occasion, the Luiss Business School, led by Director Paolo Boccardelli, confirmed its commitment to train future generations of managers and professionals through programs focused on topics such as innovation and digital transformation.

The event was also marked by the launch of the website www.conlascuola.com , which will connect all parties involved in the project, from teachers to school managers, to the institutions and companies interested in taking part. The website, created by Snam, allows users to subscribe to the program or request information through a dedicated form and stay constantly updated on sector developments. The "Materials" and "Bibliography" sections also allow users to download the working tools used in the workshops. The online platform will facilitate interaction with the project teams, keeping the dialogue between institutions, businesses and the school system alive.

Snam focuses on training both inside and outside the company. The Snam Institute provided approximately 390,000 training hours for the company’s employees in 2016-2019. Snam also actively collaborates with the Luiss University and many schools throughout Italy.

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