Fondazione Snam, Energie Sociali Jesurum and Casa della Memoria partner for a summer near families: launching "Mai Solo, con i tuoi bimbi" campus

The initiative is among the new proposals of the Milano Summer School of the Municipality of Milan.

Milan, 6 July 2020 - Being at the side of families with a concrete gesture of support: this is the goal of "Mai Solo, con i tuoi bimbi", the free campus launched in the district of Isola by Fondazione Snam together with Energie Sociali Jesurum, to allow working parents in the area to entrust their children during the summer. The campus will provide for girls and boys between 6 and 11 years.

The initiative, which will take place from 7 July until the end of August, was opened today in the presence of Education Councillor Laura Galimberti, Councillor for Social Policies and Housing of the City of Milan Gabriele Rabaiotti, the President of Municipio 9 Giuseppe Lardieri, the President of Municipio 8 of the City of Milan Simone Zambelli, the Municipal Councillor President of the Committee on Equal Opportunities and Civil Rights of the City of Milan Diana De Marchi and Maria Fratelli, Director of Casa della Memoria, which opened its doors to welcome girls and boys in the area.

The campus has a variety of programs - from school catch-up, drawing and theater workshops, to film screenings and outdoor play. It aims to provide children who cannot leave the city with the opportunity to play, offering the wide program of the Milano Summer School, which is providing educational, cultural, sports and leisure activities for the summer of 2020, promoted by the City of Milan.

The 21 children who will attend the campus have been identified thanks to the synergy with the Department of Social and Housing Policies of the City of Milan and the local networks that have signalled families with special needs.

" Milano summer school - state councillors Laura Galimberti (Education) and Gabriele Rabaiotti (Social Policies) - is enriched every day with new initiatives that tell of a city that thinks about sections of the population that have suffered more than others from the social consequences of the pandemic. Families, girls and boys in particular, can benefit from almost 400 different opportunities. The positive public-private collaboration has emerged through the initiative of Energie Sociali Jesurum that will involve free entertainment for kids that will have to spend the summer in the city this year".

The service, active from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 19:00, offers a series of activities, playful and educational, which will take place, in full compliance with Covid-19 prevention measures, at the spaces of Casa della Memoria, a place of great symbolic and cultural value, and in some of the neighbouring structures, including the spaces of the Fabbrica Sassetti, made available free of charge by Fondazione Kenta, a non-profit organization active in the neighborhood for the promotion of art, science and the fight against educational poverty. There will also be numerous outdoor recreational activities, including lunch at the Little Free Library and free play in the Library of Trees Park.

Educators and volunteers responsible for the campus will be coordinated by Associazione Energie Sociali Jesurum as part of the Mai Solo project. " Giving children and their families a summer in company and full of activities is an important gesture, in line with what has been done so far by Mai Solo, who since the early stages of the emergency has been able to work closely with citizens in difficulty, supporting their needs" explains Michela Jesurum, founder of Associazione Energie Sociali Jesurum and creator of Mai Solo.

" Fondazione Snam has always focused on supporting the most vulnerable sections of the population, children in particular, with initiatives on various fronts, from the fight against violence towards children to the one against educational poverty. This commitment was further reinforced during and after the Covid emergency, also thanks to the fundraising promoted by our employees. The summer campuses that we are launching in the city of Milan, along with those in Brindisi and Palermo, go in this direction: Our goal is to make a contribution to the educational path of children after the difficult period of the Covid emergency and at the same time to help parents working in the summer months with childcare needs", says the Vice President of Fondazione Snam, Marco Alverà.

The initiative is born from the experience gained during the last months by Mai Solo, the voluntary project set up by the Association of Social Energies Jesurum with the aim of bringing, from the first stages of the emergency, support to citizens in greater difficulty, with multiple free services including home delivery of groceries and medicines, dog-sitting and food parcel distribution. With this new project, Mai solo is supported by Fondazione Snam, which has strengthened its commitment in the area, including in the fight against educational poverty, to respond to the needs emerging in the emergency Covid-19. The Isola campus adds to the other five existing sites in local authorities in other areas of Milan and in Palermo and Brindisi.

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