Inauguration of "Il Tappeto Volante", the urban regeneration project in the Corvetto district of Milan

The first phase of "Il Tappeto Volante" was inaugurated on 13th October in via Monte Velino, the urban and social regeneration project supported by Fondazione Snam and which falls within the QuBì Program advanced by Cariplo Foundation. This first phase involved the creation of a 500-meter path connecting the school complex situated in via Monte Velino to the nearby Emilio Alessandrini park, passing through via Maspero. The project, carried out with the participation of citizens who together with the promoters have signed a "Collaboration Pact" with the Municipality, has made it possible to create a new pedestrian area and secure the existing ones, making the children protagonists of a public space with equipped areas and artistic stimuli.
The inaugurated section involves, in particular, the pedestrianization of the Viale Molise crossroads in correspondence with the Tommaso Grossi Institute, creating a safe space where to halt while leaving the school, and to access public transport easily. Within this area, in the space painted by the children last Saturday together with their parents, professors and the whole local community, recreational sports equipment has been provided to allow children to enjoy the outdoors, in line with the guidelines of the Pilot project advanced by the Municipality of Milan for the realization of Playstreets, and within the "Piazze Aperte" program of the Municipality of Milan.
The outcome of the "Tappeto Volante" is the result of a series co-design meetings with the local community, including a workshop which took place on 21 October 2019 during Snam's Volunteer Day, in which Snam volunteers together with the students and teachers of the Tommaso Grossi Institute expressed their ideas on the project. Furthermore, the project makes use of the pro-bono technical contributions of two of Snam's suppliers: Barci Engineering and Gruppo Novello. 
The subsequent phases of the project envisage the putting into safety of the pedestrian crossing and the creation of a new space for socialization and which can be used for the growing of vegetables, located at the intersection between via Maspero and via del Turchino. Finally, on via Monte Velino and via Maspero the railings that delimit the school complex have been redesigned with notice boards to prevent waste abandonment, and above all to stimulate the children's creativity and adults’ attention to community activities.
The Social Cooperative Comunità Progetto is the leader of the promoters group, which consists of: the Tommaso Grossi Comprehensive Institute, Fondazione Snam, Ingrossiamoci Association, and the Luisa Berardi Association.
The Tappeto Volante is also part of Corvetto Addotami!, the multisectoral initiative launched by the Fondazione Snam to actively contribute to the redevelopment and social development of the Corvetto district in Milan. The three-year project aims to promote urban regeneration, combat poverty and consolidate initiatives already present in the area, in synergy with the Cariplo Foundation and in particular with the "La città intorno" and QuBì programs, with the Municipality of Milan and with the network of associations locals.
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