Landi Renzo and Snam4Mobility: cooperation agreement to boost the development of natural gas mobility in Italy

Landi Renzo and Snam4Mobility: cooperation agreement to boost the development of natural gas mobility in Italy

The Landi Renzo Group, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of systems and components for gas mobility (CNG, LNG, H2 and LPG) for cars and heavy vehicles, and Snam4Mobility, a subsidiary of Snam, Europe’s leading operator in the natural gas and biomethane transport sector, have signed a cooperation agreement to boost sustainable mobility for CNG (compressed natural gas) in Italy.

The joint initiative between Landi Renzo and Snam4Mobility aims to raise users’ awareness of the benefits - both environmental (drastic reduction of CO2 and PM10 emissions), and economic (savings on fuel costs) - deriving from natural gas and biomethane mobility. On the basis of the cooperation agreement, Landi Renzo and Snam4Mobility will jointly identify and manage the conversion of traditional car models to natural gas. The conversion to natural gas (retrofit) is an immediate solution with competitive costs to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution.

There are currently about 1 million cars powered by natural gas in Italy, with over 1,380 service stations. The goal of Snam4Mobility is to increase the number of natural gas distributors, ensuring a balanced distribution across the country, through direct investments and agreements with various operators in the sector. In total, Snam’s investments in CNG and LNG (liquefied natural gas) sustainable mobility amount to €100 million by 2023; the company will also invest €250 million in the construction of new biomethane plants.

Cristiano Musi, CEO of Landi Renzo, said: “We are happy to have signed this agreement with Snam4Mobility, because by combining our respective skills we will be able to make an important contribution in promoting greater diffusion of methane and biomethane mobility in Italy. Landi Renzo is also heavily involved in the development and implementation of solutions for the development of hydrogen mobility in the Medium/Heavy Duty segment with which it will be possible to eliminate harmful emissions into the atmosphere”.

Andrea Ricci, Senior Vice President of Snam4mobility, commented: “This agreement aims to enhance the Italian value chain of natural gas and biomethane mobility, leader in Europe, promoting further market development. Natural gas, thanks to the growth of biomethane, is an immediately available and increasingly effective solution to tackle the problem of CO2 emissions from light and heavy transport and to improve air quality”.

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03 February 2020 - 11:39 CET