Snam enters Israel: MOUs signed in LNG for sustainable mobility and hydrogen

Three partnerships announced as part of the Italian State visit:  with Delek Drilling and Dan in liquefied natural gas for public transportation,  with Dan for the development of green mobility projects and with the start-up H2Pro in hydrogen research

San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy – 29 October 2020 – Snam enters the Israeli market with the launch of new collaborations in the energy transition, in particular in natural gas sustainable mobility, biomethane and hydrogen and in new green hydrogen production technologies. Snam signed three Memorandums of Understanding with Israeli companies today within the framework of the State visit of Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio in Tel Aviv.

The first MOU, signed with Delek Drilling, the leading Israeli energy partnership in the exploration, development, production and sale of natural gas, and Dan, the main national public transport company, involves activities aimed at developing the LNG (liquefied natural gas) supply chain for sustainable mobility, in particular for buses and heavy vehicles. Under the MOU, the three companies will launch feasibility studies relating to the possible construction of a pilot plant for small scale liquefaction and refuelling infrastructure, leveraging Snam's technologies and the skills of its subsidiary Snam4Mobility, and Delek Drilling’s access to natural gas reserves.

At the same time, Snam signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dan to evaluate sustainable mobility projects based on renewable gas (biomethane and hydrogen) and electricity, as well as possible joint initiatives for the development of hydrogen. The activities could concern the possible conversion of part of the fleet and the development of refuelling and recharging infrastructure, also through pilot projects.  

Snam has also signed a collaboration and research agreement with Israeli start-up H2Pro, which has developed an innovative technology (E-TAC – Electrochemical, Thermal Activated Chemical) to produce 30% more green hydrogen from water splitting compared to traditional electrolysis. The partnership envisages joint research activities, possible applications of H2Pro technologies and participation in tenders both in Israel and in Europe. H2Pro was formed last year by hydrogen experts from Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in collaboration with the founders of Viber and Juno.

Snam CEO Marco Alverà commented:  "With these agreements we are further developing Snam’s international presence to strengthen our contribution to the energy transition and the achievement of global climate objectives. The partnerships with Delek Drilling, Dan and H2Pro, launched within the framework of the growing Italian-Israeli collaboration, allow us to enter a new market, rich in natural gas, with projects in sectors of interest for Snam, such as sustainable mobility and hydrogen and, at the same time, to increase our know-how in one of the most innovative areas in the world".

The three agreements signed today may be subject to subsequent binding agreements, with which the parties will define the terms and conditions for implementing the projects.

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29 October 2020 - 12:39 CET