"Rivoluzione idrogeno" by Marco Alverà available in bookstores from today

Rivoluzione Idrogeno

The volume by Snam CEO, Marco Alverà, "Rivoluzione Idrogeno – La piccola molecola che può salvare il mondo" (The Hydrogen Revolution – the tiny molecule that can save the world), on the potential of hydrogen in the fight against climate change, is available in bookstores from today.

The book, published by Mondadori, describes the characteristics, production methods and purposes of using hydrogen, placing the analysis in the context of the climate emergency and post-COVID recovery needs, while outlining a ten-step plan – from infrastructure and electrolysers to creating an international "coalition of the willing" – to boost the development of this clean energy carrier.

"I hope this book will contribute to the debate on the fight against climate change – the most important challenge for our generation – through a constructive and optimistic perspective, emphasizing the role of hydrogen for the future of the planet," said Marco Alverà.

The book's royalties will be donated to charity through the Kenta Alverà Foundation.

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04 August 2020 - 09:59 CEST