Snam allocates 20 million to Health System and third sector to help address coronavirus emergency

Coronavirus emergency

Snam, also through its Fondazione Snam, has decided to allocate 20 million Euros in favour of initiatives advanced by the Italian Health System and the third sector to face the coronavirus emergency.

The funds, together with Snam’s expertise, will be directed to hospitals, healthcare facilities and other entities for the purchase of equipment and necessary goods, for health care provision and to support third sector entities that deal with the protection of the young and the elderly.

Operating in close contact with the authorities, the company has also activated itself to support the search for lung ventilators in countries around the world.

"With this initiative we, and all our people, want to be close to the health workers who are working tirelessly and extraordinarily– and support the institutions, the third sector and the Italian territories that are dealing with the emergency. It is a time of difficulty and concern, but with responsibility and cohesion we will be able to overcome it", said Snam’s CEO, Marco Alverà.

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17 March 2020 - 11:09 CET